To our valued clients and patients, Booth Veterinary Service is now closed. Please contact us at Pine Grove Veterinary Hospital for your ongoing veterinary needs.

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Our Products & Services

Pet Food, Treats, Toys & More


At Booth Veterinary Service in Coldwater, we’re proud to carry the most respected names in hypoallergenic and other prescription food and treats to keep our furry friends healthy. Choose from respected brands such as:

The Association of American Feed Control Officials - In the US, feed regulations are enforced by state and federal regulatory officials who provide subject matter expertise in animal science, animal nutrition, feed label compliance, field operations for inspection staff and program administration. AAFCO provides a forum for these regulatory officials to come together and create model guidance to ensure that the regulation of animal feeds is as uniform as possible from state to state. AAFCO Membership includes not only US state and federal regulatory officials but has grown to include international membership of Canada.

Pet Medication


We also have a fully stocked pharmacy should your pet require prescription medications.

Pick up routine products such as flea and heartworm prevention medication, as well as the toys that strengthen the bonds between people and their faithful pets. Keep your best friend fit as a fiddle!

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Veterinary Services for Coldwater Pets


The highly qualified and professional staff at Booth Veterinary Service are ready and eager to assist our furry patients and their human companions with all your veterinary needs.

We offer a full range of veterinary services ranging from basic exams and vaccinations to:

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